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Oxygenating and anti-pollution cleanser


Lait VIP O2 is an anti-pollution cleanser, purifying the skin of tiny polluting particles that are sometimes even smaller than the pores on the face. Its deep-down cleansing action will remove the urban pollutants that accumulate on the skin’s surface. Pristine again, skin regains its natural radiance and the complexion lights up with a fresh glow.


Recommended for asphyxiated and dull Skin Instants©.



  • Unifies and brightens the complexion.
  • Lait VIP O2 is an anti-pollution cleansing milk with oxygenating properties.
  • Calms, rebalances and soothes stressed skin.



150ml, 250ml


As each Biologique Recherche product is designed for a specific Skin Instant©, undergoing an in-clinic skin analysis is highly recommended prior to purchasing.


Lait VIP O2

PriceFrom C$35.00
  • Apply a small amount of Lait VIP O2 to the face, neck and cleavage. Lightly massage with small movements for emulsification, then remove with damp cotton pads. Repeat as desired for complete removal of impurities and make-up.

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