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At Holistic Beauty Uxbridge, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, cruelty-free waxing services using stripless hard wax by CaronLab Australia. Furthermore, for your peace of mind, we practice hospital-grade sanitation and sterilization methods prior to all of our treatments and we never double-dip our wax applicators, providing an immaculate and comfortable treatment experience.

Some things to keep in mind prior to booking your appointment...

  • be sure to allow 4-6 weeks of hair growth in order for the wax to effectively adhere to the hair

  • be sure to trim the hair being treated to no more than approximately 2 cm of surface growth should the hair be too long (if hair is too long it can break, resulting in potential ingrowns

  • exfoliate the area with a facial/body scrub or loofah 1-2 days prior to the treatment

  • wear comfortable, loose clothing if the area to be treated is from the neck down

  • keep the area clean (no make-up on face), avoid body lotions/oils

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