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This decongesting and purifying facial regulates sebaceous secretions and treats acne-prone Skin Instants©. The ultimate rebalancing and deep cleansing facial to restore a healthy and clear complexion and accelerate the healing of skin imperfections. Contains Beta Glucan, Yeast Extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) BHA, Zinc, and Iris Extract.


This treatment begins with a preparatory double cleanse and enzymatic exfoliation under vapor followed by extraction of impurities. The iconic Biologique Recherche Mask Vivant balances and purifies the epidermis while a selection of quintessential serums treats dehydration and skin imperfections. The Detox Facial is completed with tailored aftercare.

60 MIN | $150

Optional Add-Ons:
Patchs Défatigants Eye Treatment $35
Celluma LED Phototherapy $50

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