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Treatment Overview...

Collagen and elastin are the main components of the dermis, and the firmness and tightness of the skin largely depend on the quality of its synthesis. Perhaps one of the most noticeable indicators of a person’s age is the appearance of one’s skin, particularly of the face and neck. Aging skin progressively becomes more wrinkled due to a loss of elasticity and volume over time. Other physical manifestations include uneven texture and discoloration due to sun damage. The increase in skin laxity is multifactorial and can be attributed to intrinsic factors, such as genetics, as well as extrinsic factors, such as UV exposure, gravity, and tobacco use. 

Our exclusive Collagen 360º facial combines highly concentrated formulas that increase the firmness and density of the skin, counteracting the loss of collagen and protecting the dermal structure. In addition, Ultrasound wave energy (aka Ultherapy) and Radiofrequency (RF therapy) are combined as these are both great platforms to achieve facial rejuvenation, especially for skin lifting and firming purposes. This deep tissue thermal firming action of Ultherapy and RF is especially well-suited to areas like the chin, neck, and jawline. Radiofrequency is also a great modality for lifting and firming the eyelids.


The skin recovers its vitality and elasticity, pores are refined and wrinkles are smoothed.

Treatment Benefits & Contraindications...

The two most visible benefits provided by this treatment are tighter and lifted-appearing skin, a smoother skin surface, and minimized wrinkles.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding

  • any form of skin inflammation or redness (eg: rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, fever, flu, etc.)

  • skin infections

  • keloid scarring

  • HIV

  • any form of cancer or chemotherapy

  • immune therapy / immunodeficiency (lupus)

  • uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • uncontrolled diabetes

  • any form of steroid medication

  • chemical peels / lasers (must wait for a minimum of 2 weeks after)

Treatment Protocol...

This 60 min. treatment includes ultrasonic skin exfoliation, infusion of highly-concentrated collagen-boosting mesoceuticals, Ultherapy energy with RF therapy, bio-cellulose hydrating and cooling mask, and corresponding after-care. 

A protocol of 8 -10 treatments at 4-week intervals is ideal for optimal results.

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