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A Biologique Recherche facial is as unique as your skin is personal and has been scientifically designed to recondition your skin and help activate its regenerative properties. Your skin is a complex organ designed for protection and communication that regenerates miraculously every month throughout your entire life. The unique benefits of this cutting-edge facial treatment is both immediate and long-lasting.

Every step of a Biologique Recherche facial at Holistic Beauty Uxbridge is tailored to your particular skin needs and Skin Instant©—the various conditions that are simultaneously present in the skin. These skin conditions appear as dehydration and lipid deficiencies, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, lackluster skin and sundamage, sensitive, intolorent and rosacea-prone skins. 


Investing in Biologique Recherche facial treatments regularly can have similar anti-aging results to modalities like Limelight IPL, Laser Genesis, Clear + Brilliant, and Microdermabrasion without any downtime. You’ll leave your treatment with smoother, brighter, more youthful-looking skin!  

Treatment Protocol

Your Biologique Recherche facial at Holistic Beauty Uxbridge begins with a thorough assessment of your skin followed by a preparatory double cleanse that incorporates a relaxing face, neck and décolletage massage and exfoliation with the iconic Lotion P50. An advanced "treatment booster" suited for your particular Skin Instant© is then applied using innovative Biologique Recherche massage techniques followed by the application of advanced active masks, quintessential serums, targeting serums, and tailored aftercare.

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